August 18, 2016

How High Can We Set the Bar?


PAEA CEO Timi Agar Barwick, MPM, has a challenge to issue to PA programs at her State of the Association address on Thursday afternoon, October 13, at 4:30 p.m.

PA education has always taken pride in exploring and celebrating the individuality and uniqueness of PA programs. This was — and will continue to be — an important part of the profession’s identity. But as we look to the next 50 years of PA education, we realize that now is the time for us to leverage our similarities as a community.

Timi will look at not only how far we’ve come but, more importantly, where we are headed – as an association, as a community, as a profession. As we prepare students to practice medicine in the 21st century, greater collaboration and support among programs and employers will be crucial.

In the past, we talked about minimum standards and baseline competencies. For the future, we have to focus on peak performance for both PAs and PA programs. How do we encourage – and enable – our members to exceed the limitations of yesterday to set new records in quality of care, educational attainment, and organizational excellence? How high can we set the bar?

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear about the exciting road ahead for PA education.

Continue the Conversation

After the CEO’s presentation, we’ll move directly into our annual Town Hall. This year’s meeting will focus on the alignment between education and practice, continuing the conversation from the 2016 Stakeholder Summit – and unveiling some of the insights from that event. What should be kept in the curriculum? What should be left out? How do we ensure that our students are ready to “hit the ground running” when they graduate?

Come test your knowledge of the current landscape during this interactive town hall-style session. We know that medical education is changing, so how can we prepare PA educators to keep pace with these changes? Here’s your chance to impact the conversation!